Orléans HVAC

Family owned and operated

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Service Area : Ottawa, Olreans, Cumberland, Rockland, Kanata, Barhaven , Manotic , Greely

Starting $180 Gas Appliances Installation

Gas Dryer Install, Gas Range Install, Gas cooktop install, gas stove install, BBQ install

Starting $2999 Furnace Delivered Installed

Efficiency 95% single stage Constant Torque ECM Motor

95% AFUE Ratings

$399 delivered installed

Humidifier For home sizes up to 2,800 sq ft

Legacy Series Humidifier Model 1042DMM/DMD Humidifier

Starting $250 Vent Drilling

we drill 4 inch dryer vent drilling Starts $250 6 inch hood vents drilling starts $450

Gas line installation to your Gas Range, Gas Cooktop, Gas Dryer or Fireplace

Gas line installation : we install all kinds of piping and tubing black iron pipe copper and CSST

1/2 inch first 10 feet $350after that $20/foot

3/4 inch first 10 feet $400 after that $25/foot

1 inch first 10 feet $500 after that $35/foot

More than 1 inch and Up to 2 inches first 10 feet $600 then $50/foot

(prices for unfinished basement, new structure, for finished basement contact us for more details

Garage Heater Starting $2999 installed

MODINE Hot Dawg Gas Fired Unit Heater Natural Gas 30000 BTU up to 75000 BTU installation parts and labor are extra

Furnace Thermostat Starting $300 installed